$7 Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft,90 Degree TRRS 3.5mm Aux Headphon Electronics Accessories Supplies $7 Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft,90 Degree TRRS 3.5mm Aux Headphon Electronics Accessories Supplies Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft 90 TRRS Headphon Aux 3.5mm It is very popular Degree 3.5mm,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Aux,Cable,TRRS,/overconscious1897439.html,15Ft,90,$7,Headphon,Mic,Extension,globalbirdrescue.org,Audio,Degree Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft 90 TRRS Headphon Aux 3.5mm It is very popular Degree 3.5mm,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Aux,Cable,TRRS,/overconscious1897439.html,15Ft,90,$7,Headphon,Mic,Extension,globalbirdrescue.org,Audio,Degree

Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft New life 90 TRRS Headphon Aux 3.5mm It is very popular Degree

Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft,90 Degree TRRS 3.5mm Aux Headphon


Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft,90 Degree TRRS 3.5mm Aux Headphon

Product description



Side 1: 3.5mm stereo male gold plated angle plug

Side 2: 3.5mm stereo female gold plated plug

Cable: Cotton braided double shielded

Cable Length:15ft/5m

24k gold-plated that resist corrosion

Soild zinc alloy shell


Compatible Devices Include: (Partial List)

iPhones(Samsung Galaxy/Note, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, LG, Blackberry and many more),Headphones (Philips,Sony) ,Tablets amp; Laptops(Surface, Kindle fire, Samsung and many more),iPod, Mp3 players, Hi-Fi stereo sound systems, PS4,XBOX one.

Why Choose Angle 3.5mm Headphone Cable?

1.90 degree ends that keep the cable close to the equipment, preventing the aux cable from being unplugged while moving items around my work space.Making a safer connection

2.90 degree angle helps release strain,solve the cable breakage issue.

3.Right angle design ideal for tight spaces such as behind cupboards or hard to reach areas where a normal straight connector is unavailable.

4.Right angle connectors save space.

5.Right angle 3.5mm connector,gives you some option as to how you can plug in.

Package Includes:

90 degree 3.5mm 1/8’’ stereo extension audio Hi-Fi cable x1-pack

Audio Mic Extension Cable 15Ft,90 Degree TRRS 3.5mm Aux Headphon

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