for,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,,Mar-vel,,,Airpods,$7,2,Personalise,Airpods,Case,Designed,VNNO,/overconscious1897239.html Mar-vel Airpods Case VNNO for Designed Personalise 2 Cheap super special price Mar-vel Airpods Case VNNO for Designed Personalise 2 Cheap super special price $7 Mar-vel Airpods Case , VNNO Personalise Designed for Airpods 2 Electronics Accessories Supplies $7 Mar-vel Airpods Case , VNNO Personalise Designed for Airpods 2 Electronics Accessories Supplies for,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,,Mar-vel,,,Airpods,$7,2,Personalise,Airpods,Case,Designed,VNNO,/overconscious1897239.html

Mar-vel Airpods Case VNNO for Designed Personalise 2 Cheap super special Large discharge sale price

Mar-vel Airpods Case , VNNO Personalise Designed for Airpods 2


Mar-vel Airpods Case , VNNO Personalise Designed for Airpods 2

Product description

About US:

We are the most professional designer and manufacturer of Apple AirPods case covers.

We have always paid high attention our products and service.

We will continually innovate and upgrade our products based on customer suggestions.

If you have any question, please contact us, our Customer Service Team will take care of you within 24 hours.

Compatible Models:

AirPods case cover perfectly designed for Apple AirPods 1 and 2.

NOTICE: Not Fits for AirPods Pro

3 mm Thick Silicone Case for Full Protection:

Air Pod cover is well-made, compact and lightweight, well protects your AirPods against bumps, drops and scratches.

Perfectly Fit:

No gaps between the case cover and your Airpods wireless charging case, well protect the Air Pod from unexpected damage. Easy to pick on and easy to take off.

Anti-lost Metal Carabiner Clasp included:

We equipped for Airpods Case Cover with a metal carabiner clip, make it convenient and secure to carry your AirPods around. Don’t worry about losing your AirPods again.

Unobstructed charging:

Don’t affect wireless charging, convenience for charging the airpods from the bottom without removing the case, front LED is visible when charging.

And the bottom dust plug design can be kept clean and seal the charging port when not in use.

Mar-vel Airpods Case , VNNO Personalise Designed for Airpods 2

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