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Wireless Cable Card Universal Smart Excellent A Ranking TOP7 Box Storage Adapter

Wireless Cable Card, Universal Smart Adapter Card Storage Box, A


Wireless Cable Card, Universal Smart Adapter Card Storage Box, A

Product Description

hii 15W Wireless Cable Card

Don't want to haul around a bunch of cables?


15W Wireless Cable Card

  • Dimension: 2.28" x 3.46" x 0.6"
  • Weight: 2.29 oz (65 g)
  • Cable Type: USB-C to USB-C (11.4")
  • Connector Type: Micro-USB, USB-A, Lightning
  • Includes a handy SIM card removal tool
hii 15W Wireless Cable Card

Fast Power Delivery Charging Cable

  • Comes with a cable that allows data transfer and fast charging
  • Data transfer speed: 480Mbps
  • Please note that fast charging requires a PD power brick (Not included)
hii 15W Wireless Cable Card

Little Package with a Big Punch

  • This Cable Kit got all you need to charge and sync your devices on the go
  • Choose the connector you need and enjoy rapid charge

More Than a Storage Case

  • Connect it to your computer to sync files effortlessly
  • SIM card and memory card are not included
  • Turn on the night light by pressing the power button when it’s plugged in

Set It Down, Power It Up!

  • Simply place your phone onto the charging base and charging starts immediately
  • Fast charging requires a PD adapter (Not Included)

Find the Cable Card that's right for you


15W Wireless Cable Card


5W Wireless Cable Card


MFi Certified Cable Card

Original Cable Card

Original Cable Card

Wireless Charger
Charge up to 15W Charge up to 5W - -
TF Card Reader
✔️ ✔️ - -
1W Back Light
✔️ ✔️ - -
Cable Type
USB-C to USB-C USB-C to USB-C C to Lightning, C to C USB-C to USB-C
Connector Type
Micro-USB, USB-A, Lightning Micro-USB, USB-A, Lightning Micro-USB, USB-A Micro-USB, USB-A, Lightning
Dimension/ inches
2.28" x 3.46" x 0.6" 2.28" x 3.46" x 0.6" 2.28” x 3.46” x 0.4” 2.28" x 3.46" x 0.5"
Weight/ ounces
2.29 oz 2.29 oz 1.6 oz 1.6 oz

How to charge my phone wirelessly with hii Wireless Cable Card ?

1. Make sure your device is wireless charging compatible

2. Connect the Cable Card to a power source (laptop, car charger, PD adapter, power bank, etc...)

3. Simply place your phone or earbuds onto the charging base, and you’re ready to charge!

Does hii Wireless Cable Card support fast charging?

Yes, it's fast charge compatible.

*Please note that fast charging requires a QC 2.0/ 3.0 PD adapter (Not Included)

Can I transfer data with the USB-C cable?

Yes, you can transfer data or charge your device with the USB-C cable.

*Data Transfer: 480Mbps

Is hii Wireless Cable Card a portable charger?

No, it's not a power bank. It can connect to a normal portable charger to provide wireless charging but doesn't have any batteries itself.

**Wireless charging and backlight function can work only if you connect it to a power source.

What is the storage case made of?

The compact carry case is made of matte texture TPE material, which makes it durable enough to protect the cables yet super lightweight.

The matte texture also makes the storage case anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch.

Wireless Cable Card, Universal Smart Adapter Card Storage Box, A


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Mrs. Margarita L. Taboada,

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