$10 SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Dual Tone Alarm Siren Electronics Security Surveillance SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Alarm Dual Siren Department store Tone $10 SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Dual Tone Alarm Siren Electronics Security Surveillance SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Alarm Dual Siren Department store Tone Electronics , Security Surveillance,Tone,Siren,-,/cosentient161307.html,globalbirdrescue.org,15W-ULF,15-Watt,Dual,Alarm,DSC,SD,$10 Electronics , Security Surveillance,Tone,Siren,-,/cosentient161307.html,globalbirdrescue.org,15W-ULF,15-Watt,Dual,Alarm,DSC,SD,$10

SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Alarm Dual Siren Department store Tone excellence

SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Dual Tone Alarm Siren


SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Dual Tone Alarm Siren

Product description

The DSC SD 15W-ULF is a self-contained, surface-mount, untampered dual-tone interior siren. It is designed for household burglar alarm system accessory and also suitable as an audible signal appliance for fire alarm systems. When power is applied to the alarm siren, it produces an audible steady yelp tone according to the wiring. SD 15W-ULF DSC 15-Watt Dual-Tone Alarm Siren Specifications: Rated Power Supply: 12VDC (Special Application) Operating Current: 380mA Surge Current: 404mA Peak Current: 392mA Sound Pressure Level: 82dB at 10 feet; 90dB at 3 meters Material: ABS Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 55.2mm (H x W x D) SD 15W-ULF DSC 15-Watt Dual-Tone Alarm Siren Agency Approvals: UL Listed for Household Burglar Alarm System Units (UL1023) UL Listed for Audible Signal Appliances (UL464) CUL Listed for Signal Equipment (CAN/CSA C22.2 no 205) CUL Listed for Audible Signal Devices for Fire Alarm Systems, Including Accessories (CAN/ULC-S525-07) Backed up by DSC's 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Product description

The DSC SD 15W-ULF is a self-contained, surface-mount, untampered dual-tone interior siren. It is designed for household burglar alarm system accessory and also suitable as an audible signal appliance for fire alarm systems. When power is applied to the alarm siren, it produces an audible steady yelp tone according to the wiring. SD 15W-ULF DSC 15-Watt Dual-Tone Alarm Siren Specifications: Rated Power Supply: 12VDC (Special Application) Operating Current: 380mA Surge Current: 404mA Peak Current: 392mA Sound Pressure Level: 82dB at 10 feet; 90dB at 3 meters Material: ABS Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 55.2mm (H x W x D) SD 15W-ULF DSC 15-Watt Dual-Tone Alarm Siren Agency Approvals: UL Listed for Household Burglar Alarm System Units (UL1023) UL Listed for Audible Signal Appliances (UL464) CUL Listed for Signal Equipment (CAN/CSA C22.2 no 205) CUL Listed for Audible Signal Devices for Fire Alarm Systems, Including Accessories (CAN/ULC-S525-07) Backed up by DSC's 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

SD 15W-ULF - DSC 15-Watt Dual Tone Alarm Siren

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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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